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Most trainings uses classroom format with “paper-based” simulated project cases. This approach does not allow participants to feel all aspects of being involved in project. Our training format brings you innovative way of getting knowledge and improving your skills with REAL project. You will face all difficulties which project manages faces in his work. Moreover, our trainer will teach you HOW to deal with these difficulties.

Applied Risk Management

In todays most progressive ideas about the risks outlined a clear trend – risk is considered as indissoluble union opportunities and threats. Each threat includes the possibility and every opportunity carries the risk of. No wonder folk wisdom says «a blessing in disguise» and«Would not it be a blessing in disguise». Applied Risk Management - a methodology adoption and implementation of management decisions aimed at reducing the likelihood of adverse events and minimizing potential losses. Increase the likelihood of favorable developments and to maximize the possible benefits due to the project.

Project Management in Information Technology

The IT Project Management gives a structured aproach to development and implementation of the information technology. On this course during three days students use the best industry practices of starting, planning, implementing, controlling and closing of the IT-project. They explore the common methodology and base tools of the project management in connection to IT-projects.
Combo training PM.Praxis - MS.Project

PMBOK feat. Microsoft Project

Practice should always follow by theory. Because of this, we created great training mix with theory from PMBOK 5th edition and practice based on world famous planing tool Microsoft Project 2013 professional.

Applied Project Management

Training of practical use of project management methodology combines flow rates with consolidating the knowledge gained through practical examples, in the course of individual and group exercises, as well as gaming. During the training, the participants are working on a project of their choice (usually from the industry’s core business of the customer); use tools, techniques and methods of starting, planning, execution, control and completion of projects, sorting out the nature of these instruments and the principles of their own application in practice.

Applied Project Configuration Management

In project management, the majority of the challenges and problems associated with the timing, cost and nature of the project. Careful management of these elements allows completing projects successfully. The process of configuration management designed to keep the project in the "mainstream success." Configuration management of the project - a set of processes, activities, tools, methods and interactions used to manage well-defined objects throughout the project life cycle. In an era of ever-increasing complexity of projects and increased competition between companies, knowledge of methods of configuration management are in demand as never before.