Having organized and conducted the first successful project – spring educational expedition on The First Summit, we decided to go on. Read our story about the first summit here. This article deals with the second summit. And we have just started to prepare to the third expedition. If you want to join us, find the contacts in the end of the story.

Streight to the top

Streight to the top

Whitecom Project Experiance together with our company performed training Expedition Project Management (which is based on Education-by-Expedition technology). The group in training spent first 3 days in workshops studying project management processes, documents and tools. As result they prepared a micro-expedition to the Volovec mountaintop. On the 19th of September the team reached summit. This experience tested the skills they learned in the workshops, and proved they have improved.


Holiday weekend was a change of occupation! Brand New occupation. Began training in Project Management with help of guys from Expedition Project Management. Will explain as simply as possible. The theoretical knowledge in Project Management will be immediately applied to real projects.Organizing of climbing a mountain.

Petros Yo-Ho-Ho

– Guys, I propose to study the methodology of project management, described in the PMBOK, and also PM cloud tools through a real project. While study you will have to risk your health, family relationships and deadlines of your work projects, – I said.
The four said “yes” and we started.