About the project

Have you ever heard such a word as “Kilimanjaring”?
Most likely, you haven’t even guessed about its existence! Well, the time has come when we can safely tell you about it:
#Kilimanjaring, in the first place, is a team. This is a bunch of enthusiastic people, professional project managers, with all their heart devoted to their favourite activity. People, who decided to show what project management is by their own example. One of the main goals of the team is to create an interesting teaching product in which the Bible of project management PMBOK will be presented in the “human language”.
That is what the team members are saying about their goals:
“Our dream is to make complex things from our profession simple and accessible for everyone. In that way that every schoolboy, every housewife could manage projects from their lives consciously. Since that projects are not only the construction of facilities, the creation of IT products and other complex engineering systems. Projects – this is the entry into the university of the dream, and moving to another country, and repairing the apartment, and starting own business, and even founding a family. We know exactly that applying the practices and tools from our profession to your “daily projects” will allow you correctly assess the risks, plan the timeframe and, as a result, save time, money and energy. We want to teach this practices to everyone. For this we had set for ourselves the mission: to make an interesting teaching product from which your personal Tao project management will start. “

#Kilimanjaring is a story about how to turn any dream into a goal and step by step move towards its implementing. Probably, many people know the situation when you know a lot, but you rarely use your knowledge. So, these guys got courage and decided to try in practice all the things that they’ve ever read about in clever books and what they studied at the university. Yes, and plus to all described above, they decided to do it in front of everyone. Everything that they know about project management, they will demonstrate on the example of the organization of the expedition to the top of the Mount Kilimanjaro.
#Kilimanjaring is a project about how to create projects from scratch. You will be witness how the team will organize the expedition and find sponsors. These guys will tell in detail in their project how the concept of the trip was born, how a presentation was created, how the composition of the team was changed man times, and how the information was collected. The project already has open broadcasts and professionally drafted documents. The participants will plan the route of the ascent, form a budget, work with risks, and plan terms before your eyes. All the successes and failures of the team, miscalculations and errors will be your training manual. It seems that everything is simple. But simultaneously is difficult. The team will pass this way for the first time and share the experience and lessons learned with you. Obstacles, problems, conflicts, lack of money, burning deadlines – this is the world of real project management. But you will not have the possibility to learn about this from the classical theory. You will learn this from the brave team # Kilimanjaring.
#Kilimanjaring is a startup, a reality TV-show broadcasting online. One of the first rules of the project: “do not spend a penny of your personal funds”. All the money for the final goal of the project the guys should attract. Let’s agree, it’s fun to be able to raise money for your dream! Do you want to learn how to do it? Then follow closely the progress of the start-up events. =)
What do you think will these guys reach the pick of Kilimanjaro?
P.S. About the project  #Kilimanjaring – http://www.expedition.pm/kilimanjaring
Donation for the team – http://www.expedition.pm/donation_page