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First aid competency

Company business style, experience tells us that being able to provide first aid is very important nowadays. Especially when you are in the mountains or some other expedition kind. In other words – risks management made us to improve our expertise in First Aid skills. And finally our trainers ordered extended First Aid training at Red Cross organization. Course took 2 days (6 hours/day).

Here is summary below.

[dateasico date=”15.11.2014″ day=”1″ title=”Awareness of ignorance”]

Right at the start, after introducing training agenda and main quotes we found out that till now we had really wrong understanding about lot of topics related first aid. This course really worth your attention and i’m really sure would help you in some cases (wish you wouldn’t have such cases, but…).

Covered topics:

  1. General information. Disclaimer.
  2. CPR  – Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  3. Respiratory obstruction
  4. Bleeding.
  5. Heart disease.



[dateasico date=”16.11.2014″ day=”2″ title=”Extra education”]

Next day training covered lot of different topics, among of them:

  1. Wounds
  2. Fainting, shock.
  3. Bandaging.
  4. Stroke, myocardial.
  5. Electric shock.
  6. Burns.
  7. Hypothermia.
  8. Poisoning.
  9. Epilepsy.
  10. Insect Bites.
  11. The minimum first-aid kit.

And as result – certificates:


Anatoly Savin - First Aid

Anatoly Savin – First Aid

Oleksandr Sen - First Aid

Oleksandr Sen – First Aid

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