Anatoly Savin


Anatoly Savin
  • Initiator and sponsor of the project «».
  • Co-owner and mentor at Expedition Project Management.
  • PMP (Project Management Professional).
  • Microsoft Certified specialist.
  • Project Management Institute member.
  • Leading expert in project documenting field.
  • Master of Science in Project Management.
  • The only trainer in project management, conducting training on real projects.
  • Experience over 17 years. Including more than 10 years in the field of project management.
  • Co-author of the practical training Education-By-Expedition.
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Work and project experience

2013 Creation of the unit of software development. Role: Project Manager. Customer: BMS Consulting (Kiev, Ukraine).
2011 Development of the project management system. Role: Consultant. Customer: BMS Consulting (Kiev, Ukraine).
2010 Implementation of a corporate system for managing of sports and leisure activities. Role: Consultant. Customer: Donbass Arena (Donetsk, Ukraine).
2010 Implementation of corporate project management system for FEC reconstruction. Role: Consultant. Customer: DTEK (Donetsk, Ukraine).
2010 Development and implementation of system for managing construction projects. Role: Project Manager. Customer: Chernomorgidrostroy (Odessa, Ukraine).
2009 Implementation of a corporate system for managing development projects. Role: Consultant. Customer: ESTA Holding (Kiev, Ukraine).
 2009 Creating a template pack of administrative documents GPMS.Kit. Role: Leader and the project sponsor.
 2008 Reconstruction of the building (usable area of ​​2500 m2) for use as an office of the customer. Role: Project Manager. Customer: BMS Consulting (Kiev, Ukraine).
2008 Implementation of corporate project management system for shipbuilding engineering. Role: Project Manager. Customer: Marine Design Engineering Nykolaev (Nikolaev, Ukraine).
 2007 Implementation of corporate project management system in the department of development of automobile gas stations. Role: Project Manager. Customer: Galnaftogas (Lvov, Ukraine).
2006 Attractiveness survey of small cities of Odessa region (Ishmael Teplodar, South). Role: Consultant, Analyst. Customer: “Region.UA” (Odessa, Ukraine).
2006 Construction of an open ice rink “Glyba” in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine). Role: Project Manager. Customer: Hockey club “Dnepr-Meteor”.
2005 Creation and implementation of a corporate standard of project management in the construction company. Role: Consultant. Customer: ABK-Kұrylys (Astana, Kazakhstan).
2005 Creating a structural unit for portfolio management of the company; analysis of the objectives and tasks assigned to the unit; adaptation of project management methodology (PM) to the needs of the company; formalization of PM processes; the creation of a corporate standard UE; implementation of PM information technology. Role: Project Manager. Customer: CNGS Engineering (Simferopol, Ukraine).
2005 Methodological support of construction projects for offshore and onshore oil and gas facilities (mainly in the Caspian Sea). Role: Consultant. Customers: Dragon Oil (UAE), SBM Offshore (Netherlands), Transeuro Energy (Canada).
2004 Analysis of documents and optimization of wiped document. The Role: Analyst. Customer: Management and Economics Odessa regional Administrations (on Odessa, Ukraine).
2003 Technical support of the exhibition “The computer-Bank-Office 2003”. Role: Project Manager. Customer Center Exhibition Technologies (Odessa, Ukraine).
2002 Develop a system of financial accounting of students StudKontrakt. ” Role: Project Manager. Customer: Odessa Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Odessa, Ukraine).
2001 Development of a corporate information system. Role: Project Manager. Customer: UkrTehSnab (Odessa, Ukraine).
2000 Development of Portal Role: Project Manager. Customer: UkrTehSnab (Odessa, Ukraine).


Odessa National Polytechnic University
Specialty : Industrial Electronics



Microsoft Certification Transcript Transcript ID: 1141744 Access Code:pmp1408368

Project Management Institute
PMP Logo

Trainings, exams

2014 First Aid Course at “Red Cross”
2013 Course at “Sergey Gordienko Survival School”.
2013 Course “Active Risk Management”.
2005 Course “Training of Trainers”
2003 Certified as “Certified Project Management Practitioner (IPMA Level D)”.
1999 Course “Honeywell Local Control Network Maintenance Course”.
1999 Course “Honeywell High Performance Process Manager Implementation/Maintenance Course”.


  • Anatoly Savin professionally engaged in project management since 2000. In 2003, Anatoly became a certified project manager and received a master’s degree in project management.
  • Participated in projects and managed projects for more than 20 Microsoft EPM deployments in Ukraine and the CIS.
  • Throughout his career, Anatoly Savin underpinned its consulting expertise to the projects. Anatoly, as project manager, has successfully completed more than 10 projects in the fields of construction, industry, IT, software development.
  • Takes active part in the PMI work-life. Is one of the volunteer development team of the 5th edition of PMBOK.
  • Anatoly Savin has trained more than 3,000 students.
  • As a coach, Anatoly Savin prepared 12 PMP.
  • Anatoly Savin is the author of the most complete in the world a set of document templates for project management GPMS.Kit.rev5.
  • Anatoly Savin developed and holds the world’s only training “to dip into a real project.” The idea of ​​the training is to prepare and conduct real expeditions to different points of the planet at the same time, the classical tools, standards, knowledge and methodologies (PMBOK, ISO 21500, MS Project, etc.). Already conducted more than 10 expeditions, including: Goverla – the highest point of Ukraine; Musala – the highest peak in Bulgaria; Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp in the Himalaya, Nepal.