Kateryna Reshta

Project Management consultant, Trainer

  • Project Management consultant and trainer at Expedition Project Management.
  • Leading expert at “PMDoc.ru” project.
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Work and project experience

5+ Project manager, Trainer
2014-now Trainer at “Expedition Project management”.
2013 Creating the template pack of administrative documents “General Project Management Standard”. Customer: PMDoc.
2011 Creating the template pack for Project Management Office usage. Customer: PMDoc.
2010 Creating website and corporate design. Customer: PMF.
3+ Consultant
        2012 Creating the PMDoc website. Customer: PMDoc.
2011 Development of the Enterprise Project Management System for IT-organization. Customer: BMS Consulting.
2010 Implementation of Enterprise Project Management System of Fuel & Energy Complex reconstruction. Customer: DTEK.
2010 Development and implementation of Enterprise Project Management System. Customer: Chernomorgidrostroy.
1+ Content engineer
        2007 Forming the content of libraries and making templates of diagrams. Customer: CS Odessa.



Odessa National Polytechnic University

1st Specialty : Computer Systems and Networks 2nd SpecialtyTranslator of German


Trainings, exams, courses

2011 Course “Project Human Recourse Management”.
2011 Course “Project Communication Management”.
2010 Course “Applied Project Management”.
2008 Educational practice in Germany in “Fachhochshule Duesseldorf” for increasing technical German knowledge.
2008 Agile course.


  • Kateryna showed herself as an expert in documentation and business analyst in projects of Microsoft EPM implementation.
  • A project manager of GPMS.Kit project. The project objective was developing of project management documentation “General Project Management Standard”.
  • Participated as a speaker in the international on-line conference “Project Management 2012. Documentation of projects”, held by Bogdanov & Associates.
  • Developed and held online seminar “Business Process Management Methodology” in Luxoft Company.