• Bring more practice to training performing.
  • Spread project management knowledge worldwide and deliver benefits of it’s usage for every organization and for every project manager.
  • Help people understand benefits on planning. Regardless of occupation, nationality and country.
  • Make people to focus on their roadmap to achieve top level in project management.


  • What is difficult in learning – is easy in life.
  • If your plan can not achieve goal – change plan, not goal.

Company history

2011 – Anatoly Savin decided to use PMBOK as a basement for preparing for trip to Anapurna. While these preparations and trip he found benefits in using expeditions as perfect “simulator” in learning Project Management. Expedition and Project in general are very similar. It both are every time unique and time-limited.

2012 – Anatoly Savin, being manager of Oleksandr Sen at one of the Ukrainian’s consulting company faced really complicated projects where they found that main reason of project fails was weak project management skills of the mangers who leaded those projects. After performing series of PMBOK trainings and preparing for PMP certification they also found that it’s too difficult to use classroom approach for teaching people. They needed to find some solution…

2013 – Education-By-Expedition methodology was described and prepared for delivering to the market. This methodology till now is a basement for all trainings and solutions which company provides. Company team created training Expedition Project Management and started series of pilots and testing.

2014 – In order to spread the idea company “Expedition Project Management sp. z o.o.” opened in Poland, Warsaw.